Deathcrush- live review of the final great band from By:Larm 2011

Feb 2011

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Coming on like the clank and grind of the early Pussy Galore trading mean stares and bubblegum with Teenage Jesus And the Jerks and as sexy as primetime Thurston Moore, Deathcrush are, perhaps, the final triumph from By:Larm music festival in Oslo reports John Robb

The all girl trio of Linn Nystadnes on guitar and vocals, Åse Bredeli Røyset on bass and vocals and Andreas Larssen on drums take New York No Wave, the dissonance of Glenn Branca, the high IQ power of early Sonic Youth and add a hint of the atmosphere of homegrown black metal (their name comes from a Mayhem song) and create their own filthy life affirming racket.

Because this is no mere copy of the dusty annals of underground rock history, this is a fire breathing, fully alive band who make thrilling rock n roll out of all the sound and anti music fury of the past.

They are super loose live, their guitars flying round their necks as they swagger and preen whilst cranking the volume. Their mic stands are never static and sometimes they face eachother across the stage screaming and singing down the mics in a display of uber cool.

Somehow they have also turned that tuneless skree of so many of the post no wave bands into something that resembles the fierce white thrills of primal rock n roll and detuned it into perfect noise.

They have also found their own space in a very over subscribed area and their set is adrenaline thrills and screaming vocals over full on noise and oozing, pelvic noise sludge. It’s a stunning and effective dissemination of the New York sassy cool trash aesthetic into a new century and with their own vital slant.

There is no fear of the fretboard here and no boring adherence to convention, sometimes they sound like they are going off at a tangent and making thrilling noise for the sake of it and lets face it rubbing bits of metal up and down a guitar neck will always sound better than a guitar solo.

Sometimes they even stop playing altogether, Linn lets her guitar clank to the floor and stares into the faces of the audience who visibly step back one inch with the fear and how perfect is that?

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