Deathbomb Announces The Release Of Three Great New CassettesOne of our favourite DIY, underground labels, Deathbomb Arc, who in previous years have shown an uncanny knack for telling us what’s going to big tomorrow today, have just announced their first three releases of 2014 – and they’re all, typically, brilliant. Full details, including streams, below.

Deathbomb Arc has been run by Brian Miller, formerly of Foot Village, currently of True Neutral Crue, for some years now. It has in the past either put out or helped promote releases by many Louder Than War favourites including FV themselves, Death Grips, Julia Holter, Black Pus and clipping, (the latter two of whom made it into the top ten of our “albums of the year” list 2013). Operating under a tagline “exploring genres unknown since 1998” they have, of late, come to the conclusion that one of the most adventurous and exciting of genres atm is rap. This is reflected in the first three releases on deathbomb Arc in 2014 by Signor Benedick The Moor, Mad Murderz and Viper Venom.

Deathbomb Announces The Release Of Three Great New CassettesSignor Benedick The Moor – sbthemoor

“Effortlessly blending sounds from all sorts of genres, simply calling Signor Benedick The Moor a rapper is a bit misleading. His quick and playful rap style brings to mind everything from The Pharcyde to Danny Brown, but virtuoso guitar playing, drumming, and wide assortment of other live instrumentation pushes the work into prog territory. Signor Benedick’s music is the sound of not worrying about categories.”

You can buy the cassette here and listen below.

Deathbomb Announces The Release Of Three Great New CassettesMad Murderz – the lemon pledge ep

“Florida’s Mad Murderz is everything young music should be: Passionate, thoughtful, experimental, contradictory, and most of all, completely untainted by the boring world of adults. Originally released digitally, this cassette edition adds a bonus track and a little remastering for BOOM.”

You can buy the cassette here and listen below.

Deathbomb Announces The Release Of Three Great New CassettesViper Venom – destroyah

Hailing from Death Valley (seriously!), Viper Venom is horror-core rapper who shares aesthetic similarities with Three6 Mafia, but extends the lyrical themes to cartoonish extremes. Tracks identifying with Skeletor and vampires embody the same joy of playing the villain as a child with action figures or watching your first horror film even though your parents strictly forbid it. Don’t be mistaken though, this music is not for kids. Strictly NC-17.

You can buy the cassette here and listen below.

Deathbomb can be found all over the internets. For example they have a website, a Bandcamp, a twitter, a Facebook, a brilliant Tumblr and Facebook.

All words Guy Manchester. More words by Guy can be read here. He tweets as @guid0man & uses Tumblr.

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