DEAFDEAFDEAF have hit me with a bang with Odes. The third single from the youthful post punk Manc band that I’m ashamed to only just catch up on. Recently captured by Disobedient Records they thrill me with a great tune and excellent video. Here’s the score…

Just think if The Chameleons met Mogwai in a dank basement. You’re getting there. A slow builder that crashes in with that classic dark Manchester sound from the Hannett days. Excellent production and sweeping gloomy guitar sounds that shudder and shake with authenticity, A top as fuck band that don’t shy away from their influences and paint their own picture in this world of post punk labelled music that should, by rights have a new label to distance themselves from the usual Fall, goth comparisons. A mile away from the average indie bollocks and a marker for the Next Next Wave started by the likes of Cold Water Swimmers, The Pagans S.O.H. and Tinfoils. In Manchester we have cycles. Big indie, dark post punk, funk, the wonk of Cabbage, the sophistication of Slow Readers, the Doors laden punk rock of The Blinders, Brix, James Holt… It’s all there. DEAFDEAFDEAF cement their place in the rich vaults of Manc music with their own twist of subnormal soundscapes. To top it the video is fuckin’ excellent!

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Words by Wayne Carey, Reviews Editor for Louder Than War. His author profile is here


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