Deadbeat Echoes: Manchester – Live ReviewDeadbeat Echoes
Manchester Gorilla
April 13th 2013
Deadbeat Echoes facebook page

About one year ago we released a Deadbeat Echoes single on Louder Than War.

At that time they were a young band with a big sound- a sort of cross between the classic Manchester lad band if they had a trippy twist and a deep love for sixties garage rock n roll. In the last twelve months they have supported the Charlatans, changed the line up, played more gigs and kept the faith.

It’s been worth the wait.

They re-emerge with an immense power and have morphed into this wall of sound monster but retained all that made them good originally, the tunes are still there and the north west flavour is retained but they know occupy the noise end of the North West triangle of bands. Each song is a roar of raw power and head fuck trippotronics.

Deadbeat Echoes may still be a pop band but a very noisy ones and those twelve months of frustration have fired up their muse and make the sound like a very hungry young band ready for the takeover. Their new single, No Bones, captures this as The Charlatans normally stoic bass hero and champion of the band, Martin Blunt looks on mesmerised.

The Deadbeat Echoes have finally arrived.

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