Dead Sheeran

Dead Sheeran

Dead Sheeran (aka Paul Catten) returns with a dark as fuck song that still retains his ‘slapstick-laptop-punk rant’n’rap’ style yet with a message that’s chilling and stark about his own battles with mental health and the aftermath of the pandemic which affected so many peoples lives. It’s uneasy listening…

Back in 2020 our man Ged Babey was on the case as usual when he introduced to me the delights of Dead Sheeran and his excellent (almost) debut album A National Disgrace which he reviewed here. It was that good it came in at number three in our year end poll and I just had to interview the fella which spouted the now infamous question “Shall I call you Dead or Paul?”

Time has now moved on and Paul has been through the wars. I have kept in contact and he’s been having heart problems which lead to him cancelling a much anticipated LTW gig up North which he was gutted about and so were we!

To lighten the mood the other track Youth Club Disco is a nostalgic trip back to the eighties with some cracking lines about Grifters, drinking cans of Top Deck and taking in the tunes of those times. Paul explains what’s been going on…

“Been out of the way for while, been a tough few months to be honest. Depression follows me around a lot of the time, and readjusting to normal life was quite difficult. Doing the first lot of Dead stuff was easy, lots of time to do it but then my motivation slowly dwindled away.

The new single/s Midlife in a Small Town/Youth Club Disco were done at the end of last year. They’d been hanging around in my files for a while and I wasn’t sure of them at the time. Midlife was originally Midlife in Lockdown and that had passed, and Youth Club Disco was just a bit too cheerful for the mood of myself and the actual mood of the country to be fair. Anyhow I put them on the back burner for a while.

Then more health issues, this time the fucking heart was playing up. Honestly? That 3rd vaccine I reckon. Now that’s fading, so are the symptoms. Not 100% yet, but at least I’m alive. Anyhow, I went back to the tracks recently just to see what could be done, I was thinking about doing something else if I’m honest, lost a bit of heart in this for a while, but then thought that these songs are great, don’t waste them. I rewrote a bunch of lyrics and whatever and smashed them down.

Midlife is self explanatory, it’s been a struggle for everyone. The older and more isolated you are, the worse it gets. I’ve been talking about my mental health issues for 25 years via music, it’s how I cope with them. Youth Club Disco is just a Sheeran type blast about the good old days, nothing too serious, just a fun tune.

I’ve now started work on a new album of stuff, cos let’s face it, there’s no end of inspiration these days. Shaping up as a darker beast, but no less sweary. Dead Sheeran 2.0 I guess. More cheap ass videos, and more campaigning for this government to actually fuck right off.”

A nice but dark welcome back with a message…

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Words by Wayne Carey, Reviews Editor for Louder Than War. His author profile is here

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