Dead Mellotron: Glitter – album review.

Dead Mellotron: Glitter (Sonic Cathedral)
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A new album by shoegaze band Dead Mellotron initially has our reviewer “ho humming”. However he plugged away at it, gave the album a few more spins and….

I do love a bit of shoegaze, I always have. I like the frenetic yet soothing guitars, the gentle ethereal vocals and the “anyone with an effects pedal can do this” attitude. I listened to Glitter on preview mode this morning and I was going to say “it’s OK, but uninspiring, adding nothing to the genre that Ride didn’t cover 20 years ago”. However, then I listened to it properly and decided it would be unfair to write off this latest album by Dead Mellotron quite so quickly.

For sure, there isn’t a great deal “new” on this album and musically let’s face it, shoegaze is pretty hard to describe beyond mentioning guitars, effects pedals and ethereal. I’ve done that twice and run out of descriptive metaphors unless I want to delve into the wanky gushing tones of the NME circa 1990.

The previous two albums have been available on Bandcamp but this is the first foray into the mainstream outlet of iTunes and this shows as the production seems to be straining towards pop, away from the more raucous older albums “s/t” and “Ghost Light Constellation”.

In all fairness Dead Mellotron have produced a short but highly pleasing album which is pitched at a more commercial audience than previous releases. The tracks flow beautifully from one to the other. I like that a lot. There is also a cleaner line running through the music that lifts it clear of the mire. Almost every song has a clever little key or tempo change in it which prevents the album dipping into soporific mediocrity. There are some nice touches too like the soft piano at the end of Bye. However, Glitter is at its best on Oohahh and Dying which hark back to the heavier, less evolved sound of the earlier releases more than the new direction that most of the album seeks out.

You could do a lot worst for under a fiver on iTunes, but do yourself a favour and get the older albums off BandCamp as well.

All words @thisismusic who can be found on twitter here.


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