Dead Fader: work it no – EP Review

Dead Fader ”Ëœwork it no’ (Robot Elephant Records)
Out: 30th July 2012

Noisy post industrial artist Dead Fader garnered an awful lot of hyperbolic press recently following his release of the track fishsh. He will soon be following it up with a whole EP full of what can only be described as “his scary shit” & which our man Colin has bravely stepped into the breach to review. Read on to see what he thought of it.

Dead Fader have undergone somewhat of a change round in recent times. What was, up until recently, a Brighton based duo (which featured noted designer / musical experimentalist Barry Prendergast), is now a Berlin based, one man operation in the form of John Cohen.

July 30th sees the release of the ”Ëœwork it no’ EP and is our chance to investigate what the future of Dead Fader holds for us all. The four tracks included on this release manage to span as many electronic genres as is possible for a lazy freelancer to list off with the intent on filling article space. That is to say that it’s diverse, intriguing and admirably constructed.

There are qualities to Dead Fader’s music, particularly on the opening track ”ËœBosched’, which imply an intense suitability for soundtrack potential. These dystopian, quasi-industrial monsters which Cohen calls beats could be easily utilised to add depth and atmosphere to even the most mundane of cinematic fare.

Avant-garde freestyling by the rapper Sensational over ”ËœFishsh’ (we’ve already brought to your attention once before – ed) presents new layers to the EP and opens it up to be played by an entirely different style of DJ, furthering the malleability of this tightly condensed plethora of grisly wonderment. Freak-out distortion and disgustingly sinister loops add a delightfully unsettling aura to the work which elicited nothing short of girlish glee in this reviewer.

”ËœIndustrial Funk Stains’ is a pounding, relentless track complete with banshee screams and audio nightmares not heard outside of a Spectrum loading screen, yet remains wonderfully composed amongst the chaos.

That is really the appeal of Dead Fader. The music, on paper, has all the hallmarks of something that could be dismissible and throwaway, especially with dubstep fatigue in abundance, however, Cohen has managed not only to carve himself out an almost unclassifiable niche within the electronic scene, but he has achieved it with imagination and gusto. ”Ëœwork it no’ is an essential acquisition and one of the most exciting releases of the year so far.

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You can download the track fishsh, embedded above, here.

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All words by Colin McCracken. You can read more from Colin on LTW here, on his website The Zombie Hamster or follow him on Twitter too.

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