David Thomas (Pere Ubu) to quit music…

David Thomas; the frontman and founder of Pere Ubu has within the last hour declared he has ‘quit music’ – the announcement was made via his Facebook Profile

Thomas made the simple declaration “I quit music. Goodbye.” – this followed an earlier announcement stating “The US Government does not believe Pere Ubu is an internationally recognized, world class band so they will not allow us to tour in America.”

LTW has approached both Pere Ubu’s and David Thomas’ PR agents but at this time we are yet to gain a reply, or further detail.

Pere Ubu have been at the forefront of inventive music since their inception some 35yrs ago – only in January 2013 they continued to challenge even the bands most ardent listeners when the released the dance album ‘Lady From Shanghai’ (LTW Review)

For further information check out ‘Glory Is Noise’  a LTW guide to Pere Ubu ‘A Ludicrously Incomplete Beginner’s Guide to PERE UBU’


  1. Pere Ubu’s press agent commented, “Oh, gawd, he’s off again.”

    From following the saga on Facebook I (vaguely) understand that the problem is that in order to tour in the USA, Pere Ubu have to pay the US Musicians’ Union a fee to cover work visas for the band’s two British members – who, by working in the USA, would be snatching the very bread from the mouths of struggling US musos. Or something like that.

    It’s not clear whether this payment to the MU is an extra fee on top of the normal cost of getting a US work visa (which are not given out for free), or whether it is the standard work visa fee which has roused David Thomas’s ire.

    I’m surprised this hasn’t come up before – presumably Pere Ubu have toured the USA before with a line-up that includes non-US musicians? Surely it’s a standard situation with a standard (although costly) solution?


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