When I was very young I used to have a single by this band called David John and the Mood. It sat there in my Pre punk record collection of glam and the Beatles and made no sense because it was the only record by someone I had never heard of.


It turns out that the single is ow worthy fortune and the band were a cult band from Preston who worked with Joe Meek and whose mailman David John died this week a heart attack,


The band were formed in Preston in the early sixties but David had already found notoriety with a letter he had written to the music press about seeing this upcoming band at the Cavern called the Beatles. It was the first ever national press mention for the Beatles and he became friends with Paul McCartney who gave him his stage name of David John instead of his local nickname Miffy.


It is rumored that Macca wrote I Saw Her Standing there at David Johns house whilst returning from an early Beatles gig in Morecambe.


David John and the Mood toured with the Stones and the Yardbirds after signing to Eric Easton the Stones manager and they also worked with Joe Meek but a combination of bad management of the death of Meek finished the band off and they remained a cult 'what if'.








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