Louder Than War LargeAs most readers of this site know we have been writing a lot about the nightmare of getting visas to tour the USA.

The late and great David Bowie broke America in 1972 after a classic tour there when he got in after visa problems – problems that would not be solvable or affordable under the current regulations.

Many british acts made their reputation in the USA in the sixties and seventies – the modern equivalents just can’t afford to go anymore with visas costing up to £5000 per band, been given to bands so late they have to cancel flights and large chunks of their tour (you don’t get your visa money back when they fuck up).

The excellent Inquisitr website looks at how the current US visa system is causing bands real problems and how event he great David Bowie himself would not have been able to tour the USA under the current breaking system.

Read the whole piece here.



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