Dave-iD Busaras From The Virgin Prunes: My Top 10 Favourite AlbumsIt seems strange now to think that Virgin Prunes and U2 were both born from the same artful concept.

In that curious period where Bowie glam was merging into this newpunk thing Dublin was in a state of mini flux. Or mini fluxus as an arty take on the anarchy, chaos and destruction of the London punk scene took root in the Irish capital.

The imaginary gang of Lypton village was a fantasy crew of young dreamers and schemers that reacted against the stifling conformity of the long lost seventies Dublin and birthed both global superstars U2 andthe brilliantly eccentric yet musically great Virgin Prunes who somehow managed to both beat the not yet arrived Goth and post punk scenes with their idiosyncratic take on music and were a big part in the massive change in their home country over the past few decades.

Dave-IDBusaras was one of the bands vocalists as well as one of two constant members of the legendary band and has given us his top 10 favourite albums…

1. Dark side of the moon – Pink Floyd

2. Hunky Dory – David Bowie

3. Walls and bridges – John Lennon

4. Berlin – Lou Reed

5. Sgt. Peppers – The Beatles

6. Abbey Road – The Beatles

7. Days in Europa – The Skids

8. The Clash – Rock The Casbah

9. Marquee moon – Television

10. Aladin Sane – David Bowie

I hope you like!

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  1. Always interesting to see these lists, saw the Virgin Prunes at Nottinfham Rock City, was a pretty big gig, must have been mid-eighties maybe supporting someone. btw, Rock the Casbah is a single from the album Combat Rock.


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