Dave Higgs the man who formed the key band Eddie And the Hot Rods has died.


Formerly in the Fix with Dr. Feelgood singer Lee Brilleaux, Higgs put the band together as a charged up younger version of the pub rock scene that was raging in the smokey bars at the time.


The band precursed punk with their adrenalised take on Rn B but were sort of swamped by it but still had their biggest hit with the eternal classic Do Anything You Wanna Do which was a big hit in 1977. They still had a big following in the late seventies with their fast and energised music and several of their songs have become standards.

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  1. Sorry to hear this. They really paved the way for punk – I went to see them after I heard their ‘Live At The Marquee’ EP, which came out just a few short weeks before ‘New Rose’ and ‘Anarchy’, they were a great live band, much more exciting than most of the plodding pub rock scene at the time, pity their great ‘Teenage Depression’ album was rather buried in the rush of great punk debuts that all appeared in 1976 / 7.

  2. Dave was a key player in the evolution and public promotion of the Oil City sound. A memorial show is scheduled for February at the Oysterfleet on the Island…….check media & press for further details.

  3. I played with Dave Mick and Phill sparks IN 1965-68 on Canvey, our Band was called the Islanders
    and played most of the pubs on the island and Essex i thought we had a good sound and had a great time i went to Australia in 1970 so lost touch would have loved to play with the guys again but thats
    say la vie looks like only 2 off us left now


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