Dave Greenfield (The Stranglers) RIPWe are devastated to learn that the greatest keyboard player in the history of rock music from the greatest band ever has died.

Dave Greenfield who died of the dreadful virus whilst in hospital on another condition revolutionised keyboard playing and his magical keyboard runs were a key part of the classic band’s sound. No-one could play like him and no-one created so many different and amazing sounds.

Dave was also a great person and every time we toured with them was aa joy to be with.

Fly straight Dave…

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  1. He was brilliant and shone like the sun. He did not die of the virus, just saying. My father is critically ill, he will not die of the virus either.

  2. So long Dave, thanks for giving me a lifelong identity and rescuing me from the mediocracy that was the early 70’s
    Say Hi to Dagenham Dave.RIP

  3. Dave was the X factor for The Stranglers, the colour between the shading that elevated their music to a different level. The songs were always punchy, Cornwell’s choppy guitar licks and Burnel’s growling bass rumbling along like a Soviet tank brigade, but it was Greenfield’s melodic fills and backbone that held it all together. Put on any song from the first 4 records they made and in 2 bars, literally inside 3 seconds, you can tell it’s The Stranglers. I was lucky enough to see him play a good number of times but he is a huge loss and I can’t see the band continuing without him. A huge loss to music and my thoughts and condolences are with his family and close friends.

  4. And his vocals are just brilliant on Peasant in the Big Shitty & Do You Wanna and sounded just as unique as his keyboard playing. Dreadful loss. Stay safe people

  5. Dave Greenfield showed there was a place for keyboards in punk and the sheer musicianship of The Stranglers and their ability to fill venues and repeatedly make the Top 10 of the albums and singles charts helped make punk the mass movement it became for a while. They could never be constrained by that term only and Dave’s keyboard and synth wizardry were influential on post-punk and synth-pop. The Stranglers were never press darlings and so never received the full credit they deserved.

  6. A true legend. The stranglers were my 77 and the reason I picked up a bass. Dave was an immense talent and created unforgettable melodies as well as some truly dark works of art. Such a sad loss, so many fond memories.
    Former Heavy Drapes.

  7. The very first band I ever saw in Belfast during The Troubles. I will never forget that moment when music lovers from both sides of the divide were united in their love for The Stranglers

  8. not ashamed to say I shed a tear tonight condolences to the Greenfield family,the stranglers and the familyinblack. God bless you Dave
    fly straight

  9. First band I ever went to see 40 years ago. Fantastic bass, amazing vocals but the backbone of the band was the amazing keyboards. RIP Dave

  10. Hearin Grip for the first time,They had me gripped ..Watchin them at Manchester Apollo in 79,my first ever gig. The sound off Daves keys just blew me away.He was the Best. A stranger from another planet . RIP Mr Greenfield Fly Straight

  11. So sad, love the otherworldly, baroque feel his keyboards gave their songs, especially on my favourite ” Duchess”
    R.I.P. Dave.

  12. Our love is with all of Dave’s family and friends .. A wonderful, inspirational musician has been lost but the unique, fantastic sounds that Dave created will live on and bring joy to us all forever

  13. A legend, a star & a creator, keyboards will never sound the same as will the stranglers……sad, sad loss.

  14. The greatest keyboardist in the history of rock music? You must have meant Jon Lord from Deep Purple, but regardless my condolences to Dave’s family and fans.

  15. He was certainly in the top 5 best keyboard players, a shame so many wont be able to pay proper respects to Dave ,Thoughts with hes family and the band , he played those keyboards in a one of a kind way, i am glad i walked the earth at the same time as Dave and was able to enjoy the Stranglers.. stay safe John Robb you are also a legend.

  16. The first band I saw live…over 40 years as a soundtrack to my life…..Dave was a monster musician…he will be sadly missed…

  17. Will miss that pint in hand playin moment that always brought a smile to the band and fans alike. Ive watched The Stranglers from late 70s as a 16yr old apprentice and right up to present day even got my eldest bass playin son into them. A group of us dads n sons went every year for the best night of the year.
    Thanks DG and rest of Stranglers for the best times ever

  18. Such sad news. I was lucky enough to see The Stranglers several times. Dave always looked like he was having a great time, up on the stage. I loved his party piece, drinking a pint of beer with one hand whilst playing the solo on No more Heroes! Also he used to tap the cowbell during Always the Sun. That always got a cheer! Dave was a ray of sunshine and as colourful as al the colours of the rainbow

  19. First gig in Brighton 1978 – blown away! Unique, brilliant, iconoclastic, quarter of a pillar of music and ideas that has been a foundation stone in my life. Seen many many times and always will be remembered. Goodbye Dave, and thank you.

  20. So sad to hear about Dave Greenfield,who is a great loss to the music industry.

    I was fortunate to see Dave play with The Stranglers three times.He was one of the very best keyboard players of all time, along with the legendary Jon Lord,who i saw twice.

    R.I.P. Dave Greenfield.My thoughts are with your family.


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