Dave Graney (former Moodist) – Top 10 Favourite AlbumsDave Graney appeared on our radar a few decades ago leading the Moodists – a dark hearted bunch of romantic troubadours from Australia who released some great records in the post punk flux. From Melbourne the band were around from 1980 to 1987 before  he went & played in a run of other bands like the White Buffaloes, Coral Snakes, The Dave Graney Show.  He’s currently playing with Dave Graney and The Mistly.

Dave Graney’s website.

Introducing the album’s Dave said:

‘I guess each of my top ten is a record that either spun out to a dozen others or spun in from a dozen others. All connected, in a way.’

Duke Ellington – NewOrleans Suite.

1975 concept album. Such a long career, I like to find his conceptual albums. This is his tribute to a city and his last with longtime alto sax player Johnny Hodges


Burning Spear – Man In The Hills

I just love the grooves he gets into and the chanting and the mysticism. Could easily be this or his “Marcus Garvey” album. Or Culture or Keith Hudson.


Vic Godard and the Subway Sect – What’s The Matter, Boy?

His stuff seemed to take ages to come out and would do so when he was already onto something else. The records had presence and aura about them. Being hard to get added to the mystique. When i listen to him I think of those 60s kitchen sink realist films like “poor cow” and the like. Great warble in his voice. Of course I love the type of UK indie rock that sprung from his influence. Him and Richard Hell smashed the idea of what a  career could be despite the music business. Both of them are still interesting.


Robyn Hitchcock – Pretty Much Everything He’s Done.

Like Paul Westerberg, works a very narrow seam which seems quite familiar but makes it all anew every time. This is a a clip form his album of 2012, Goodnight Oslo”. Great skills in composition, singing and guitar playing. Also has had a career with a  shape like few others.


Sinatra and Jobim – Sessions

Take off in either direction from these two and you’ll find something great. This album together is great. The tv performance shows the skills in performance of each and the fearlessness of live tv production then. Simplicity. Class.


Alex Chilton – Like Flies On Sherbet

A mad album. This is a film of the session made by Tav Falco. Big Star, Panther Burns,the Cramps and the Replacements. Alex Chilton was there for all of that.


Tupac – All Eyez On Me

Amazing double album- What drama.In gaol and at the top of the charts. Death Rows Suge Knight buys his contract and picks him up from the pen and they make this double album. Talent all over this album. The songs and the beats and his charisma.


Wu Tang Clan – Forever

Their second album. They dropped the 36 Chambers, then all did solo albums and all became stars and then reunited for this. Great mysterious moves. DRama and ambition. The bass sound on this song is incredible and then the random change in the tempo of the sample. I could do this top ten just all hip hop pretty easily. Lil Wayne (THA CARTER 3), Slick Rick, Schooly D, The Beastie Boys, DR DOOOOM….


Sandy Denny – Like An Old Fashioned Waltz

Well I listen to anything she aver did. What a great voice. This album was a late one. “no end” is classic. Great lyrics and the strings come in at 5:40 and kill me. THose string arrangers of that period were staggerin’ly good. Hadn’t been destroyed by rock music yet. I love that whole British folk rock period. The greatest.


Davy Graham – Anthology.

Hell , any of his records are great. This is another great clip from a tv show. (At some point tv people in Australia decided musicians were dull and there is no performance on the box at all). Davy is so young here, and so on top of his game and so ahead of the rest of the known wrold. Very impressive.


Bert Jansch and John Renbourn

Hey, these were contemporary – 22 years old here.


Here’s some recent clips of ours –

We Need A Champion:


We don’t belong to anybody:


I’m Not The Guy I Tried To Be:


Flash In The Pants:


Rock ‘n’ Roll Is Where I Hide:



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