Prime Sinister “The Blackest Movie”
Prime Sinister are a French band who’ve just finished doing some dates with us, ‘The Blackest Movie’ is a fantastic track, twenty minutes long, on label called Great Dane. Listening to something that long you’d think you might get bored with it but they’re a great band and the guitarist, actually he wrote that song, plays lovely flowing guitar, a bit like Huwey [the much-missed Hawkwind guitarist Huw Lloyd Langton]. It’ a cross between Black Metal and Psychedelic and it takes you on this long trip. A really good band.

The Mothers of Invention “Fillmore East – June 1971”
It’s a big piss-take on bands and groupies! It’s a funny thing to listen to, quite gross sometimes, but you know… The Turtles had that hit, ‘Happy Together’ and some of them became part of the Mothers and they sing that on here. But the piss-takes of the groupies talking to each other! “Roger Daltrey never laid a hand on me, you know!” “I can see why!” “I’ve had it with all the big guys!” It’s just really funny, imagine them working it out as they wrote it!

The Doors “Weird Scenes Inside The Goldmine” [Compilation 4LP]
‘Riders On The Storm’! A long version [from “L.A. Woman”], but then I like long tracks, I get bored with things only lasting two or three minutes. Most of the things we’re doing at the moment are all quite long, five minutes and more, long enough to take you away into a different world! That’s the objective in music, really. In the 70s we were doing long tracks and you couldn’t get air play. I remember [Manager] Douglas Smith saying “You’ve got to do some short tracks, you won’t get any air play with anything over five minutes. Three minutes fifty, anything over that, hard luck chaps!” I’m glad that’s all changed now.


Dave Brock spoke to Ian Abrahams. 

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