Dave Aju – Listen to Your Heartbeat EP – album review

Dave Aju – Listen to Your Heartbeat EP (Accidental Records)
CD / DL 
Available now 

Marc Barrite has already released one album this year under his Dave Aju moniker but now the Listen to Your Heartbeat EP has dropped and our reviewer has taken it for a spin. 

Ooh, I like this. I like this a lot!

Dave Aju formerly known as Marc Barrite and AKA The Unorthodoctor came to prevalence on the DJ Scene of his native San Francisco in 1995. Since then he’s been responsible for remixing some of the most popular tracks of the last few years.

Taking jazz, hip-hop and funk/soul, and, mixing them with house and techno beats, not only does he create something very original, but also something incredibly likeable and infectious. The sound is fresh, sharp and melodious and uses great percussive loops.

As well as remixing, Dave performs DJ sets and live performances recently appearing in Berlin and Paris, showcasing his enthralling electronic dance rhythms.

The title track from his current Listen To Your Heartbeat EP starts with muffled voices. A pacey synth driven beat ensues with a driving bassline. An interesting percussion, which sounds like coins rattled in a tin, accompanies looped vocals. If there was ever a comparison to be made to James Murphy and LCD Soundsystem this is it. Throw in some analogue blips and beeps in a VCMG style and you’ve got this track.

Strolling On A Sunday follows with a variation on a Samba beat. No! Wait! It’s really very, very good. Almost an instrumental with the exception of some sample ”ËœDoo Doo Doo Daa’s’, this is catchy little number. It’s the sort of track that leaves you slightly bewildered as to what you’ve just listened to – pleasing, catchy and rather quirky.

If I’d been told that De La Soul were involved with the loose and lazy Homegrown I wouldn’t have been surprised. A little bit of Gorillaz grooved funky hip-hop, and, more lovely sampled drum sounds bring the EP to a close.

Next? I played the whole thing again. And Again.

I for one, will be checking out his back catalogue, because if this EP is anything to go by, there will be some rather brilliant things hidden away.

In his own words, Aju wants to “rescue dance music from the blahs” ”“ he’s certainly succeeding with this little gem.

All words by Paul Scott-Bates. You can read more from Paul on LTW here.

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