daudyflinDebut 12” from this Icelandic band that has found a perfect US home in Iron Lung Records. As I’m sure you’re aware, over the past few years ILR has firmly established their reputation as THE source for forward-thinking, progressive hardcore (though they dabble in other genres as well), and DAUÐYFLIN certainly fit that mold, insofar as there is a mold for this type of music.

Sound-wise, DAUÐYFLIN play up-tempo hardcore with throat-shredding, feral vocals, wild, noisy guitars (drenched in chorus, naturally), and backed by a simple but furious beat. At times they remind me of Hoax or Blazing Eye, but they have neither Hoax’s brutally heavy mid-paced / mosh parts nor Blazing Eye’s slightly campy aesthetic. Instead, the overall vibe here is more like that of recent Spanish bands like Una Bestia Incontrolable or Glam… in other words, it seems to me like they attempt to meld the intensity of hardcore with the artier vibe of something like noise music.

Listening to this LP puts me in a weird headspace… at their best, DAUÐYFLIN put me in the drone / trance state of electronic music, but at like 170 beats per minute, so it feels like you’re standing still and the world is whizzing past you at hyper speed. If you like hardcore that pushes at the genre’s boundaries—in other words, if you follow labels like Iron Lung or La Vida Es Un Mus—this is something you’ll probably want to check.

Daniel Lupton / Sorry State Records

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