Dark Dark Dark: Who Needs Who (Supply and Demand Music)
Out: 1st October

A unique and stunning amalgamation of folk, trad, blues and indie, Dark Dark Dark excel with their latest effort.

Dark Dark Dark are a (currently) five piece band from Minneapolis, Minnesota who have been together in various incarnations since 2006. They possess a myriad of styles which range from Baltic folk to New Orleans jazz, all tied together with the haunting vocals of Nona Marie Invie.

”˜Who Needs Who’ is their third album and sees a definite development since their 2008 debut ”˜The Snow Magic’. Contained within are 10 delightful and uplifting folk pop songs which, aesthetically, conjure up images of Regina Spektor fronting Beirut. Horns and strings permeate the recording and it is more than once that a seemingly traditionally structured song will break down into experimental folk reels. This only adds to the enjoyment of the record as it brings a spontaneity which is enhanced with ongoing familiarity.

It’s a sweet album without being twee, delightful without being saccharine. I was really surprised with how much I enjoyed it and I think that the key factor to even realising that I did like it so much was that I kept putting the disc on for ”˜one more listen’ before I sat down to write the review.

A stirring and grandiose affair which will leave you hungry for more. I can only imagine that the live performances which accompany this album will be a sight to behold.

Find out more about Dark Dark Dark at their website HERE

The band are also on Facebook HERE

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