Danzig celebrate 25 years with special tour featuring ex Misfit collegue

It's been 25 years since Glen Danzig quit the Misfits and put together Danzig.


To celebrate Danzig are doing a special tour with the added bonus of having another Misfit in the lineup.


“Don’t dare miss this landmark milestone event as Danzig hits the stage this special year and he’ll be bringing special guest and former Misfits bandmate Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein on most of the shows,” says a message on Danzig’s site.

The Misfits have become legends in the last 20 years with some of the most recognisable merchandise on the scene and a back catalogue that is held in far higher esteem now than when it was releases and the band was little known outside the US underground. Glen Danzig was the prime mover behind the early line up and his heavier Danzig project has been very successful.


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