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The new EP from Danny Scrilla is described as “Built for towering stacks & pitch-black rooms.” Louder Than War’s Simon Tucker finds it both inspiring and infuriating.

‘Fluxus’ is Danny Scrilla’s first release for the Civil Music label and his personal sophomore release.

The six-track EP is one that is both inspiring and infuriating. There are some real magical moments on the record; however, they both seem to happen with the remixes at the end.

‘Fallout’ opens proceedings with a glorious marching feel, full of handclaps, lurching rhythms, and added dread with builds and fades until the glorious outro. Unfortunately, the rest of the EP just basically stays the same and does not add anything new to what has already gone before. A lot of this type of feel was captured so perfectly on the DROKK (Invada Records) album last year, that it would be difficult for anyone to top that release. The same slow/fast half time tempos persist through the next couple of tracks, and it’s only when we get to the Goth-Trad remix of ‘Fallout’ and the Deft remix of ‘Magellanic Clouds’ that the EP sparks to gloriously creative life. Goth-Trad makes, what was admittedly, the strongest track on ‘Fluxus’ even more powerful, taking the originals piano motif and making something that can only be described as pure evil. He also adds much more depth to the sound and this is what was lacking on the rest of the EP.


Deft’s remix of ‘Magellanic Clouds’ however pure Dubstep with disorientating bass drum and the, now obligatory sci-fi, sounds that have come to represent ‘Fluxus’ as a whole.

Overall, this is a pretty decent EP, however, the real magic lies within the last two remixed tracks and this is where ‘Fluxus’ lets itself down. The basic sound and style lay within Scrilla’s original tracks and what the remixes do is show what could be done with those tracks if he had added a little bit more depth and imagination to them.

Worth a listen and to buy for the remixes alone, ‘Fluxus’ is not perfect but it does show that Danny Scrilla has the imagination and skills to go onto better things in future.

Danny Scrilla is certainly one to keep an eye out for..

You can listen to Danny Scrilla on Soundcloud here. He is also on Facebook here and can be found on Twitter as @Danny_Scrilla.

All words by Simon Tucker. More work by Simon on Louder Than War can be found here.

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