Danko Jones ‘Rock & Roll is Black & Blue’ – album reviewDanko Jones Rock & Roll is Black & Blue (Red General Catalog)
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Chris Hearn reviews the new Danko Jones album for us, called Rock & Roll is Black & Blue it’s actually Rock & Roll pure & simple, and all the better for that if Chris is to be believed.

Lately, I seemed to have been listening to a whole lot of genres and artists that although have been really good, have made me miss heavy rock, growly guitars, gruff voices and familiarity. Well thankfully, just in the nick of time along comes the brand new Danko Jones album! And, lo and behold it’s classic Danko. In fact, pretty much nothing changes with him from album to album so they are all “classic” Danko. It reminds me of AC/DC. If you own one AC/DC album, lets face it, you own them all. Sometimes, however, there is nothing wrong with things not changing too dramatically. I’ve always liked what Danko Jones has done. I like what he has done here. He’s still the same sex-crazed, smooth talking, bold and beautifully larger-than-life hard rock monster he has always proudly been. As the saying goes, if it ain’t broke…

What is obvious is that this guy must think about sex 25 hours a day! Face it, the vast majority of Danko Jones songs are about sex: Having it, desiring it, teaching others about it, boasting and bragging about it, outdoing other guys to get it. This guy loves sex almost as much as he likes to rock. For example, even though he does a nice fuzzed up, southern-fried sounding “Legs”, the main focus over anything else is on…legs; long legs on females that turn him into intellectual mush.

On “Type O’ Girl” though, he mixes things up by warning other guys about a certain girl who will rip apart a heart! And then, on “Beautiful Day” he talks about… well, a beautiful day. What? Wait. Where is the sex in that? Oh, well, it turns out he prefers the rock and roll sexiness of the night time. Even religion is sexy in “Believe in God”! How did he do that? This man worships sex.

Danko Jones ‘Rock & Roll is Black & Blue’ – album reviewHe did get his mind off of sex at for at least a bit when him and Jian Gomeshi (CBC Radio 1 host of “Q”) recently got into a small, but friendly, twitter battle over the idea that “acoustic rock” even exists, which spilled onto the show and into a Huffington Post blog by Danko. So, when he isn’t talking about sex he is talking about rock music, sticking it to Jian and causing polite, Canadian mischief. He also does a radio show, a podcast and writes articles for a few music magazines and now, apparently, for Huffington Post. So, he keeps himself good and busy. Oh, and there is a new book out about the guy, “Too Much Trouble: A Very Oral History of Danko Jones”; fittingly titled indeed. Mind you, it should be noted that, although Danko Jones is the main dude, Danko Jones is also the name of the band, rounded out by long time bassist John “JC” Calabrese and new addition Atom Willard on drums from Rocket From The Crypt.

And, I’m pretty excited because with this new album, the sex obsessed, Can-con mischief-maker Danko Jones will be coming through Winnipeg in mid-November! I haven’t seen him / them live in at least 15 years when he / they played the Apollo in Thunder Bay. That was a memorably deadly show, so seeing him again will be cool…in a very sexy, non-acoustical, mischievously Canadian rock and roll way, eh!

Danko Jones’ website is here. He is also on Facebook here & Twitter.

All words by Chris Hearn. More articles by Chris can be found here.

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