Dan Lucas (former Louder Than War editor) RIP


I am shocked to hear the news that former Louder Than War editor Dan Lucas has died at the age of 31.

God bless you Dan, you were a wonderful, passionate and fiercely intelligent person and it was an honour to talk and argue music with you in the time that I knew you from when you started writing for Louder Than War and then became my first music editor. These impassioned music conversations would continue when we met as well. Great debates. Great music passion.

Back in the days when the website started Dan was the first person from outside the circle of my long suffering friends to become deeply involved with the site and his opinionated and brilliant writing was addictive and compulsive. We were honoured to have him write for us as he started on his journalism career and proud of how well he has done after his early days at LTW. We didn’t agree on lots of things musically (but there was a fierce common ground as well) and that was perfect. Emails would fly backwards and forwards over moot musical points and we loved those intense debates.

But there were moments of perfect synchronicity – like me turning him onto Einsturzende Nuebauten and us both swapping new band tips. He was a young writer, hungry and with a head full of brilliant ideas and that kind of wild passion that made him love bands like Radiohead a 10/10 godhead with a religious zeal that was sometimes far more thrilling than the actual bands themselves.

Dan, you were a key part of the site and made it feel like a website instead of a blog – you opened up the musical terrain and the musical coverage and you gave the site the necessary points of musical conflict and sparring that are so vital to musical communities.

In the end you went to write about cricket for the Guardian and music for Drowned In Sound and we missed you but we remained in touch up to even a couple of weeks ago.

God bless you sir and your brilliant passion for cricket and left field music.

Great article of cricket and music here which links to some more of Dan’s waiting for LTW here

Dan shows his love of Radiohead here

Brilliant obit on Jonah Lomu here




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9 comments on “Dan Lucas (former Louder Than War editor) RIP”

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  1. Very sad news – was just looking at Dan’s author archive and remembered reading and enjoying lots of the pieces when they were first published.

  2. This is really sad news, so young. I remember reading his Jona Lomu obituary on The Guardian.

  3. A great loss to everyone who knew him. May his soul rest in peace.

  4. Can’t believe this. Have spent many an hour discussing music with Dan while commentating on Guerrilla Cricket. Way too young.

  5. Great piece, John. I’m the man responsible for him getting in touch with you all those years ago, when he was a shy, introverted character. A sad loss.

  6. This has been an enormous shock to Dan’s (many) friends as you can imagine. It still doesn’t seem real – I keep expecting to bump into him on the street or to receive a message from him asking if I’m free for a beer tonight.

    I’ll miss his passion for music and sport, his resilience in the face of adversity and I’ll even miss the wry humour in his comments on social media. I’ll always remember the stories he starred in and the antics we shared. Too soon Dan, too soon.

  7. How did falling off a bus and hurting his ankle lead to his death?

  8. So sad R.I.P.

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