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Louder Than War’s Ian Critchley reviews solo project of Alkaline Trio member.

For those who don’t know, Dan Andriano is the other singer of pop-punk’s prices of darkness, Alkaline Trio. The one who strays away from the limelight far more than his now Blink-182 affiliated counterpart. Well the somewhat backseat taking of Andriano has nothing to do with his song writing prowess, as the man seems to be constantly increasing in leaps and bounds cementing him as one of punk-rock’s tour-de-forces in whatever outfit he finds himself in.

Party Adjacent is a prime example of this, and truly shows how high Andriano can fly when allowed to spread his wings past the three chord punk he’s usually associated with (not that there’s anything wrong with three chord punk). Opening with ‘Pretty Teeth’, an almost lullaby-like song that crescendos into noisey alt-rock glory, the album plays like a Lemonheads greatest hits collection with added angst.

What’s great about this record is, unlike a lot of “band member doing solo” ventures, Andriano hasn’t used it as an excuse to exorcise his whiny emo demons. This isn’t 12 songs of flooded tears backed by soft acoustic guitar but an incredibly uplifting rock album that would stand strong without any of history (lets face it, we’ve all pretended to like our favourite punk-rockers god-awful solo records). Though the history is not forgotten, and at numerous times we are flung back to the very days with more than a smattering of Tuesday-esque 90’s emo stylings throughout.

Party Adjacent will satiate the hunger of many already devote followers worshipping at the alter of Andriano, and no doubt result in a fair few new converts to the flock.

Personal Favourite: Fire Pit


Dan Andriano In The Emergency Room’s official website is: www.danandrianointheemergencyroom.com. He can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

All words by Ian Critchley. More from Ian can be found at his Louder Than War Author’s Archive.



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