the not so Daft Punk
the not so Daft Punk

The French dance duo Daft Punk have seen their first single for 8 years, Get Lucky, break all Spotify records.


The comeback single with Pharrell Williams, had the biggest streaming day had the biggest streaming day for a single track in the US and UK ever. The single, which sounds like a late seventies Chic style disco track has set the band up for one of this year’s biggest commercial successes’s with the album number one in 46 different countries itunes charts.

It’s a very modern story with a French dance duo getting all the plaudits for breaking the records on a Swedish download site that is available over most of the world and number one on the itunes chart- which is increasingly getting used to reflect sales- all very sobering after a great Record Store Day.

The upcoming Daft Punk album looks like it will be one of the biggest sellers this year with the French duo’s comeback being a massive success.


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