CUZ to tour the UK…

CUZ Featuring Mike Watt (Iggy & the Stooges, FiREHOSE, Minutemen) and Sam Dook (The Go! team) have announced a UK tour;

We’re told about the partnership:

Watt and Dook first met in Australia in 2006 when both The Stooges and The Go! Team were playing at The Big Day Out festival.

“Mike was being loud and friendly, dousing his festival food with home-made Watt Chilli sauce straight out of his chilli belt holster” says Dook.

The tour is to promote the bands ‘tamatebako’ album (Bleeding Heart Recordings)

Weaving eclectic influence- from Japanese folklore (the ‘tamatebako’ is a Pandora-style box featured in the ‘Urashima Tarō’ legend), through ancient British landmarks, to personal loss- into a heady mix of whisky-gnarl, motoric riff, thrift-store percussion and toy synth, the effect is a tight, groovy, ever-elusive, outsider pop. Vocals come from both Watt and Dook, often within the same song, representing an unlikely pairing of throaty drawl and choirboy purity that works magnificently. Guest vocals come in the form of the esteemed beat writer Charley Plymell, and Kaori Tsuchida (The Go! Team), amongst others


September 2015

1 Tues: London, Corsica Studios
2 Wed: Leicester, The Musician
3 Thurs: Manchester, The Ruby Lounge + Marc Riley Radio Show
4 Fri: Liverpool, East Village Arts Centre (Tickets)
5 Sat: Port Meirion, Festival No 6
6 Sun: Leeds, Brudenell Social Club (Games Room)
7 Mon: Glasgow, Stereo
8 Tues: Edinburgh, Sneaky Petes
9 Wed: Newcastle, The Cluny
10 Thurs: Nottingham, The Maze
11 Fri: Exeter, The Cavern
12 Sat: Brighton, Sticky Mikes

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