Cuushe: Girl / You Know That I Am Here / But The Dream (Flau)
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We’ve been waiting 3 years for new material from compelling Liz Frazer sound alike Cuushe. Her last album was very well received, which means, as ever in such circumstances, that the question on our lips is whether or not this release does the wait justice. Read on to find out the answer.

Cuushe is a contemporary Japanese dream-pop singer. This EP follows on from her debut album, and what an ep it is. If you get this album as a physical release then you get three three inch cds each with a song and remixes.

The songs that Cuushe has crafted herself are luscious, breathy pop songs. Slow and mellow they are indeed dreamy. The layered electronic sounds underneath her gorgeous voice compliment it perfectly; on the first song ”˜Do You Know The Way To Sleep’ the sound is reminiscent of Massive Attack in its layers. The other two songs that lead the three discs are just as breathy, the vocals dreamy and polished to a high sheen. Both synth driven and all very different. ”˜I dream about silence’ is very gentle and the sound opens up wide. Like a sunny blue sky that you can’t look at for long because the light makes you blink. It’s a warm, big sound. It gets louder and bigger as the song grows. ”˜9125 days of sleep waves’ has a louder sound. The synths underneath are choppy and stutter which builds a more uneven sound for Cuushe to sing over. All three are layered, polished to a brilliant sheen, beautiful gems.

The remixes go from being even slower and more dream laden to huge bass driven monsters. There are fragmented vocals and jittery stretched out of time beats. Lyrics go from being hidden deep down in the mix to broken up and pasted wherever feels right. Chopped up and popped up versions of the originals. They are a revalation in as much as they take the music apart and throw it back to you. Fantastic sounds.

This is a single, but it’s a triple cd single, that draws you in and makes you hang around until you’ve heard it all. By that time it’s too late, Cuushe has already got into your head.

Links to buy the album & more info about Cuushe can be found via her record label here.

All words by Adrian Bloxham. You can read more from Adrian on LTW here.


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