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UK based audio visual artist Cuts has released EP1, the music is influenced by ‘abandoned spaces, white noise and sleep paralysis.’ Louder Than War’s Adrian Bloxham reviews it below.

Cuts is a UK based audio/visual artist who cites his influences as abandoned spaces, white noise and sleep deprivation. Along with the music on this EP there are also going to be films released for each track mainly dealing with sleep paralysis. The sound here is layered and complex.

Cuts has put the tracks together meticulously, every note is exactly where he wants it. He creates an atmosphere of beautiful ruin. The machine drums that drive the first track forward work with the atmospheric swathes of keyboard and guitar to create an ominous, dark almost gothic feel. It feels like you are adrift on a moonlit sea. He uses fuzzed out guitar seeping into white noise to underline ‘02’ and the rest of the music seems to struggle to escape while never truly breaking free, trapped and helpless, the sleep paralysis theme is right at the heart of this track. This feeling turns to dreamy introspection with ‘03’, a slow, luscious vocal over slow drums and gentle drone. The layers of sound can almost be seen here, delicate and deliberate.


‘04’ is like shoegazing with a flick knife, it’s a beautiful snowdrift of a song with a razor sharp edge. This switches completely for ‘05’, a techno beat layered with a squiggly synth and an air of unmistakable menace. It feels like being trapped in a maze and running.

Cuts has created an EP of layered and complex music, it’s something that gets right inside you, atmospheric and smothering, definitely an artist to listen to and look for in the future too.


Cuts’ website is here, Cuts is also on Facebook here.

All words by Adrian Bloxham, you can find his author archive here.

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