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London band CuT sound like a lot of your favourite bands if a lot of your favourite bands sound like (and I’m quoting selectively from the text below here) “The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Ramones, Sonic Youth, The Sex Pistols and Swell Maps”.

Louder Than War’s Keith Goldhanger is a big fan & below he introduces the band to you and presents you with a free download.

If you’re sitting in a record shop reading this wondering why the shop is empty then I’ll tell you one of the reasons why….

Nowadays some of us go out a lot and get to see really ace bands (for free – no one charges entry fee ’round these parts) and we just simply just walk up to them and ask them for a CD.

And they’ll give you one.

Without requesting any of the Queen’s shilling.

Listen ! …. sorry READ …

Big C little u big T:

Nevertheless, still a bugger to search for on the internet and even more of a chore once you discover that there’s an Italian beat combo using the same three letters.

There’s bands in the world that I think are OK.

Bands that I like.

Bands that I really like (usually from places like Romford, and guess what ?)

And there’s bands that I want you to know about because whether you like it or not you might just get to know about these eventually without the likes of me sticking my oar in.

CuT are a cross between The Jesus and Mary Chain, (but bouncier, jollier, faster), The Ramones, Sonic Youth (the fast bits) the Sex Pistols (without the growling and shouting) and Swell Maps (better vocals / simular guitars).

They may not realise this but they are.

Their drummer swings his arms around like Pete Townsend but hits drums (as it says on his job description) from a great height and he can also do those things that drummers seem to be good at which (well, apart from actually playing the drums in time) is twiddling those drum sticks in between his fingers.

There’s a lot of Echo on the Guitars and vocals, they have catchy songs that say “Let’s GOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooo” “Let’s Goooo ooooo”…and so on and so on….

If you passed them in the street you’d know they’re in a band.

They look like a band.

They look like a cross between the Ramones and SWEET.

Find out where these guys live, knock on their doors and ask them for a CD. I suppose really they’d dare not refuse now, otherwise people will then know this band as the band that once gave a guy a CD, who told everyone about how ace they were.

Who then told everyone…




To do the same and then never got one.

Ending the career of one of the coolest bunch of rock and roll oinks we’ve seen recently eh?

Fuck It lets just make it available here for an exclusive download shall we ?

Here ya go – download this -free.

Like all the best things in life.

Now you can write to us and thank us for giving you something when it’s not even Christmas.

CuT are playing all over the place at the moment to celebrate this.

There were dates set in concrete that have probably been and gone and there will be dates that they havn’t even told us about yet.

Go and stick your mouse on their facebook page and no doubt you’ll get to see them in your local soon.

We can’t promise you they’ll all be free as well but they’ll be great.

Let’s see what happens now then shall we ?

CuT’s website is here and if you’d like to check out more of their music get over to Soundcloud. They’re aslo on Facebook & Twitter.

Words by Keith Goldhanger. More writing my Keith on Louder Than War can be found here. Visit Keith on Facebook and twitter.

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