Cut Yourself In Half: Mekkanizm – album review

Cut Yourself in Half – Mekkanizm (New Heavy Sounds)
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‘Stoner rock on a shitload of potent speed’ – the debut album from Cut Yourself in Half has the potential to knock you sideways and is definitely recommended if you have penchant for loud, heavy riffs.

With Queens Of The Stone Age seemingly about to drop a very generic and plodding new album, if the few new tracks to have surfaced at the time of writing are anything to go by, then they’ve inadvertently created a gap for a good old rock record to fill the space they should really be occupying.

No doubts QOTSA will sell umpteen more records than Bradford’s feisty new band Cut Yourself In Half, but there’s something far more fresh and vibrant about Mekkanizm than the latest offerings from Josh Homme and co and his merry band of contributors.

There’s plenty of influences to pick apart, ‘The End’ and ‘You Carry The Curse’ draw heavily from QOTSA themselves, ‘Little Misadventure’ and ‘Say Goodbye To Yourself’ could almost be Mastodon and Red Fang, Baroness, Quicksand and the likes of Helms Alee and even the dirtier moments of Nine Black Alps surface here and there, making for a record which despite following one real direction takes in enough diversions to keep it sounding original and fresh, and fabulously loud.

The big riffs and endless energy the band seem to be in possession of in bundles are nothing short of intoxicating if you catch it in the right mood. It’s like stoner rock on a shitload of potent speed.

If loud, heavy music is your thing then there’s very little to dislike across here. Sure, it’s hardly unpredictable but then again it doesn’t need to be. It’s turn it up to eleven stuff; hard, direct and frenzied, the kind of record you can imagine would knock you sideways live – in fact, a good supporting tour from an established act in a similar vein could just do the trick.

As a debut album goes, in an overly saturated market, it deserves to make an impact somewhere and with the right push here’s hoping it does. Top stuff.

Find out more about Cut Yourself in Half on their website, Twitter or Facebook page.

All words by Steven Fanning. You can read more from him in his author archive and you can follow him on Twitter.

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