Cursive Interview

I found it funny, and I talk about this in the interview, how around 90% of the music I love all came from a web-browser game I used to play the first time I went to college (I didn’t get much work done, thus it being the first time I went) called It was a cutesy side-scrolling game that gave kudos to bands like Sunny Day Real Estate, At the Drive-In, etc. whilst tearing apart mainstream garbage like Puddle of Mudd. One of the bands I got hooked on due to this was Cursive, but this was back when I was seventeen, I’m twenty four now so why was I only going to them see them live now?
I’m not sure myself and probably don’t have a valid excuse. Thankfully, possibly because they didn’t they didn’t know I’d missed every show they’d played since 2005, they happily agreed to shoot the shit with me before their Manchester Ruby Lounge set. I spoke to bassist Matt and we drank beer, well I did, and spoke about their new album, new single, and of course, shitty browser based web games.



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