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The Letter L


Released May 14th

Last year Rhys Delany discovered the talent of CurrentMoodGirl in a Manchester basement. Now he reviews her debut single, The Letter L.

Last year CurrentMoodGirl supported Free Love in the basement of YES in Manchester. I covered that very performance for this website. I described her sound as being somewhere between late-era Throbbing Gristle and Elizabeth Frazer. A testament I still wholeheartedly stand by.

Greta Edith’s work may be known to some from Bernard + Edith, a dream-pop duo or Pearl City, another duo made up of ambient synth, and trippy beats. Any project that Greta’s contributes to is always elevated by her angelic vocal style.

Now operating under a new moniker it seems as though her music is moving in a different direction. The Letter L is the title of the single. It does not harbor any of the dreamy quality of her previous work. Instead, the track is sinister. Incessant beats and industrial sounds make the song feel menacing. Her vocal takes on a more demonic style as she chants all the oxymoronic words that begin with the letter L. The song is what I can only assume to be a teaser for greater things to come.

CurrentMoodGirl, ILL, Mold, Slow Knife, and others are all key components to a sound currently inhabiting Manchester that is actually interesting and exciting, especially to see live. It is also a sound very far from the Madchester heyday that persists only in nostalgia, forever plaguing the city. Listen to CurrentMoodGirl now.

The Letter L can be streamed below.

CurrentMoodGirl can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

All words by Rhys Delany. He can be found on Twitter @Rhys_Del and more of his writing can be found at his author’s archive here.

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