what next ? a duet with Paul Fenech?
what next ? a duet with Paul Fenech?

This is the first in a new series of unlikely match ups in pop culture.

In the last few years it’s becoming increasingly ‘twendy’ for pop stars to wear noisy bands T-shirts in an attempt to look cool. The band in question don’t get paid, don’t get to play the gigs, and don’t get anywhere near the radio stations that the T shirt wearers are played on.

The latest is Kylie wearing a Meteors T shirt!

Who knows, she may even be a fan?

Wot next? Her sister wearing a Skrewdriver shirt?

what next ? a duet with Paul Fenech?
what next ? a duet with Paul Fenech?

Please send us any more examples you see of this!

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  1. Whichever way you look at it, the bands are getting free publicity by super-famous ‘twendys’ wearing their t-shirts, regardless of the insincerity of it all.

    I’m sure the Meteors would be chuffed to bits to see themselves stretched over Kylie’s tits. I know I would.

  2. I doubt the Meteors would get anything out of this, the folks seeing this and probably Kylie herself think it’s just a trendy design, don’t reckon they’re going to go google the name…

  3. I remember a girl coming up to me in a nightclub and saying “I love your T-shirt, Ramones is such a great label” , pfft.

  4. Guy in my local cafe yesterday had a “Marky Ramone’s Cookies” T- shirt on.
    “He’s some kind of pop star. I think”

    I’m not a violent man…
    Not as such…

  5. I was there. I loved it and was talking to people in the audience about the meteors and the wrecking crew BEFORE the gig. What is you problem? People are allowed to like range of music!

  6. That’s my design on the T-shirt. I did it out of my love of the band. I’ve never received a penny from the band for the T-shirts that have been sold over the decades and it doesn’t bother me one bit. I’m just thrilled that it’s still out there & it gave me a real buzz when Kylie wore it


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