1-2-3-4 don't forget to primp the cushion!
1-2-3-4 don't forget to primp the cushion!

Punk definitely isn’t dead. The Ramones? Yeah, that’s a cushion. Yeah, it’s in Primark.

The latest adventure into punk rock’s gradual absorption into the high street is Primark’s very tasteful the Ramones themed cushion.

What was one the ultimate wall of sound rock n roll minimalism is now a cushion in Primark.

Now you can get a cushion to match that T shirt of the band you have never heard of…!

I’m sure the band would have been very happy with this mainstream acceptance. We just think it’s funny…

1-2-3-4 don't forget to primp the cushion!
1-2-3-4 don’t forget to primp the cushion!

With thanks to…lockerz.com/s/266812724


  1. John, it’s actually kinda funny, that one (the cushion). What does irk me is the trendies with ramones t-shirts, however. There should be a rule that you can only wear the t-shirt if you own at least one album. I’ll be generous and even extend that to a “best of”.
    The whole culture of punk rock seems to be being gradually assimilated into popular culture; Doc Martens, creepers (or “flatforms” as the young ‘uns call ’em), dyed,spiky hair, studded jackets, leather strides. Maybe it’s a good thing, I dunno.

  2. Are The Ramones getting royalties on all this stuff or is it a rip-off? Chi-chi baby shop in Didsbury selling baby Ramones, Clash and Stone Roses T-shirts. Apparently they can barely keep the Roses ones in stock!


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