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Crossburner – Crossburner (Footloose Records)


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Ian Critchley hears Crossburner’s new EP and despite the health warning it’s a welcome antidote to “fashion-core”.

Please, for the love of God, don’t work out while listening to Crossburner. Not because this black metal influenced hardcore isn’t brutal enough to break a sweat to, oh no, quite the opposite. Crossburner is so damn aggressive that you’ll push so hard every muscle in your body will rip beyond repair and the next week will be spent confined to your bed unable to lift a spoon, let alone your own body weight.

With so much “fashion-core” around these days, putting guttural screams on the face of Grazia, it’s a breath of fresh air to hear a band that sound like the genuine article, the real McCoy. Though perhaps “breath of fresh air” isn’t the right metaphor as there is very little that’s breezy about this six song shit kicking which opens with the one-two combo of Burn The Saint and doesn’t stop pummelling until the record stops and you’re a bloody mess on the floor.

Looking for something that sounds like a cross between the Dillinger Escape Plan (from whom they no doubt got their namesake) Gogoroth, and being punched in the gut? This is the record for you.

Ave Satanas.


Crossburner Bandcamp and Facebook.

All words by Ian Critchely, find his Louder Than war archive here.


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