Brigitte Aphrodite

Warning – do not click play if you have photosensitive epilepsy! Instead, use the Soundcloud embed at the foot of this page!

Well this is great eh? We’ve long been fans of Kate Tempest and she is definitely the person who comes to mind when we use the old music journalists crutch of a “For Fans Of” recommendation. The track above is Bridget’s new single, due out tomorrow, which is taken off an album, due out in Autumn, and is also part of her Edinburgh stage show, My Beautiful Black Dog. which starts today! So if you’re up in Edinburgh, we strongly recommend you attend it! Full details about the show and Brigitte Aphrodite herself can be found below. But don’t forget to hit play on the video above first! 

The show has been described as “electrifying” which we can believe; but it’s her music which first grabbed our attention in the form of the stream on Soundcloud we’ve embedded below.

Brigitte Aphrodite is a punk poet, musician, theatre maker and feminist showgirl. There’s also a hint of the “bonkers genius” about her work, and despite how I started this piece off, with a comparison to another artist, she’s unique. She’s punk at its best, most exultant and joyous, she’s fun to listen to, and we strongly suggest, fun to watch. You wonder about the mind of someone who can create electrifying music and poetry like this – and the world that hasn’t already catapulted her into everyone’s ken already, because she deserves to be playing on a far bigger stage in front of many more people.

The single itself, Creshendorious, starts slowly with some gentle picking of guitar strings, before Brigitte starts singling along in her inimitable cockney accent, as delicate as can be and full of emotion, until the song suddenly gets flipped and the humour kicks in alongside some beautiful and inspired wordplay, guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Lines like “No wonder you bumped me, marshmallow frumped me…” and “In your eyes I’m a prize …. turnip.” just tumble out, one after another, sometimes repeating, always pleasing. In short, it’s straight up … Creshendorious

Brigitte’s Edinburgh show, My Beautiful Black Dog, is at Belly Button, Underbelly Cowgate, Edinburgh from today.

About My Beautiful Black Dog (via the press release)…

“This exhilarating show challenges the urgent stigma around mental health  and encourages the audience to take ownership of their own black dogs (Black dog is what Winston Churchill used to call his depression – Ed) through infectious dance moves, swagger-boss costumes and banging tunes surrounded by silver streamers, sequins and sparkles. Brigitte is championing a new kind of ‘gig theatre’ which draws as much on the history of rock and roll as it does traditional theatrical performance.

More details can be found here and tickets bought here.

The song will likely be on sale tomorrow on via iTunes and the album has been written in collaboration with Quiet Boy and all songs are produced by Nick Trepka. It’s being released through Beautiful Black Dog Records.n

Brigitte’s website is here: She’s also on Facebook, tweets as @bbbrigitte and is on Instagram.

For those of you with photosensitive epilepsy here’s the “safe” version of the single…


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