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Electric Circus, Edinburgh

2nd  2015

The Creation Sessions Scotland, now firmly established on both East & West coasts of Scotland, really nailed showcasing the enormous musical talent that resides in Capitol of this proud nation on the 2nd of July.

Willow Robinson opened this second Edinburgh Session, following on from a March Launch with Texas Bob Jaurez, from the Television Personalities and a spectacular Declan Welsh who has just had his debut LP Launch in Glasgow.

Willow was brought into the fold after Creation founder Alan McGee clocked him in his adopted home in Wales, and placing his fledgling butt on the roster at Creation Management.

A singer/songwriter/guitarist very much in development, and having a lot of his Californian birthplace about him, it is easy to see why McGee has taken a keen interest in his development. Struggling with an acoustic guitar on the night, on a bill with three powerful electronically galvanized and produced bands and a vociferously chattering crowd is simply character building! There is no substitute for that in the process, it’s a fiery brook and it must be crossed to reach the other shore that is professional musicianship! There is no substitute for that in the process, it’s a fiery brook and it must be crossed to reach the other shore that is professional musicianship! Mr McGee does not do anything without good reason and it is easy to see why he and Martin Glover, AKA YOUTH from Killing Joke, have both chosen to work with him. Willow gave a splendid account of himself on the night and there were more than adequate glimpses of vocal nuances that demonstrate a unique style emerging. Whenever we get to see him with a full behind him, a bottle neck on his middle finger, will most definitely prove to be a treat for us all.

Caravan Club have bags of Class, reminiscent of early Bryan Ferry/Roxy Music, with an electric fiddle replacing the trumpet on the night and minus the female vocal. With a sound and aesthetic bordering on Lo-fi, this is a band I long to hear properly produced and recorded! To be honest, none of these Artists deserved to be anywhere but on the top of the bill!

The Holy Ghosts proved that people can still have loads of FUN on a stage, while looking and sounding polished and sending the man from SONY subsidiaries Columbia Records away with something to smile about. They performed a new tune, Petty Crime, proving that they are not an ‘Act’ as such, but are a really relevant band with a socially and politically aware conscience!

The Miracle Glass Company. with a Levon Helm-like singing drummer and three-part harmonies that would give Crosby Stills & Nash a run for their money, demonstrated that we really do have a new world class band here in the Scottish Capitol. It was by default that the took the headline spot, fittingly, but again, on the night, for me personally, they belonged there.

Its easy to see that they have been put through their paces by Owen Morris (Oasis & The Verve), as the Holy Ghosts were before them, and like The Holy Ghosts are destined for Bigger things!

I can self-assuredly declare without any hesitation, and despite disparaging voices to the contrary, that the Musical Renaissance here in Scotland is well and truly underway!

It was good to see people coming out in support of the local music scene here in Edinburgh. Watch this space for the next Edinburgh lineup TBA for next month and don’t miss the Glasgow Session on 24th of July at the Record Factory!

Viva la Creation Sessions Scotland!

More info on the Creation Sessions Scotland can be found on their Facebook page.

All words by Harry Mulligan. More writing by Harry on Louder Than War can be found at his author’s archive

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