Crash in ticket sales of Green Day’s American Idiot after Billie Joe Armstrong leavesReports from Billboard in America say that the Green Day American Idiot musical has seen a big drop of in tickets sales after Green day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong finished his stint on the onstage production. His presence in the first place had seen a boom in sales so the end of his stint and the drop off in ticket sales was pretty inevitable.

Armstrong was replaced by Davey Havoc from dark art punkers AFI which saw the ticket sales for that week fell from grossing around $1.3 million to $395,000. That’s one hell of a drop. C’mon everybody- AFI were a great band, especially in their early days!

These kind of crashes in ticket sales can mean a play closing but a spokesperson claimed that this had been factored into the play’s accounts. It’s all a long way from sweaty gigs at Gillman St.!



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