Cornershop new single- a collaboration with Free Tibet

Cornershop featuring Bubbley Kaur
Title: “Don’t Shake It (Let It Free)”
Release Date: 19th September 2011
Label: Ample Play Records
Cat Number: AMPLA024DD

Soundcloud link to the EP:

Private link for video:

For their new single, Cornershop collaborate with Free Tibet, against the backdrop of China celebrating 60 years of so-called ”˜peaceful liberation’ of Tibet to show that Tibetans continue to demand their freedom from China.
In a year of mass worldwide demonstrations for democracy, the Chinese government is very nervous and have authorised crackdowns against ordinary people opposing the state. This video reminds people of the Tibetan occupation & brings this rare footage and struggle to new audiences.
The video combines 3 elements:
– Ordinary Tibetan people going about their daily lives
– Demonstrations and State repression against Tibetans (the fate of those shown is documented by Free Tibet)
– March 2011 London demonstration in solidarity with the Tibetan people.
”˜Don’t Shake It’ is the last single taken from much championed underdog, and now much acclaimed Double O album. The cult NYC record shop Other Music describes the track as “injecting fingerpicked acoustic guitar runs into a Hammond organ groover, sounding like Harry Nilsson sitting in with James Brown and Richard “Groove” Holmes”. Don’t play this one too LOUD, it will stay in your head for a week, and then move in with you after another week.
The comparative freedom of Bubbley Kaur’s vocals & the upbeat nature of the track contrast with the violence of some of the images, and reinforce the solemnity of the London demonstrators. As Tibetans risk life imprisonment for sharing images of the repression in Tibet with the outside world, it’s important that we do what we can to help expose what’s really happening.


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