CornershopCornershop: England Is A Garden – album review.

England Is A Garden

Ample Play Records

Release Date: Friday March 6th

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Louder Than War Bomb Rating 4

Is this really album number 10? Fuck me! It’s been a long ride…. The guys have done good and come up with an alternative Kinks summer twist to chill out and dance to says I Wayne AF Carey.

They were shit when I first saw them at The Boardwalk in Manchester. I should know. My band were supporting em. Yet there was something about them. A ramshackle mix of Tjinder Singh and Ben Ayres trying to stamp their mark on a Manc scene that was going a bit grunge. The Madchester fallout needed a bit of bollocks and Cornershop were like nothing else. Pure feedback with sitars and bongos that made my ears bleed and go for another beer. An identity that I couldn’t relate to in these times. I was oblivious and just wanted a support gig for my band of punk grunge piss heads.

25 plus years on and THAT hit with fuckin Fatboy Slim at the helm. They could have been one hit wonders. Fuck that. Remaining indie as fuck and releasing stuff on their own terms they’ve survived to great effect. Tjinder was always going to be ironic with this band of misfits but it’s worked in his favour.

I’ll review the fuckin album now!!

St Marie Under Cabbage (sorry I’m getting a bit of withdrawal symptoms now!) Canon is a nice indie romp, a straight romp into attack territory with minimalist tinny drum beats favouring the lovely vibes shining through.

Slingshot just floats in with distorted vocals and beautiful flute stuff to a funky Mondays stoned vibe.

We’re talking Primal Scream on No Rock: Save In Roll on this one. Proper gospel background vocals with Tjinder taking the piss.

Everywhere That Wog Army Roam is a brilliant tune that oozes happiness. Yet flirts with Nationalism. “Everywhere that wog army roam, policemen follow them” It sounds like a song I’d toke a spliff in the bath to. Uplifting as fuck and proper summer vibes!

You get the odd snippet in between then get a tune like Highly Amplified which is something Ian Brown would pay for. An amazing belter of a tune that just makes you feel happy as fuck. Flutes, top bass and honey laced vocals by Tjinder. Strings the fuckin lot! Ace.

The Cash Money just tingles along. Another nod to Ian Brown here. Mellow as fuck and laid back with some clever guitar play giving it that smooth shit. Proper psych spliff shit.

I’m A Wooden Soldier is pure T-Rex. Marc Bolan would be sort of turning in his grave whilst holding his chin and thinking… That’s not bloody bad! Loads of nice effects smoothing it out for a psychedelic marshmallow melt.

One Uncareful Lady Owner brings the sitar out to a great cacophony of noise from the talent of these guys. An ode to how they’ve kept penning such top tunes.

The Holy Name is such a beautiful tune with a heartfelt message. Think George Harrison on this one. A total call to prayer, duty and the joy of life if you’re from a religious back ground. Flutes, chanting, the fucking business. A great end to an ambitious album. Proper psychedelic yet accessible to us all. Cornershop are back!



Words by Wayne Carey who writes for Louder Than War. His author profile is here and you can catch his  website here 

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  1. Yes I would say that review is spot on. I bought this LP on the radio plays I was hearing and absolutely love it – The Beatles meet glam rock I reckon – true classic


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