Corin Tucker Band: Kill My Blues – album review

Corin Tucker Band: Kill My Blues(Kill Rock Stars)
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Corin Tucker, ex-lead singer for Sleater Kinney, returned on September 18th with the release of her second solo album, out on the influential punk / riot grrrl label Kill Rock Stars. Titled Kill My Blues it’s a follow up to her 2010 effort, 1000 Years. Natalie Dzerins has been listening to the album for us & here are her thoughts on it.

Kill My Blues has a fairly uniform sound, a nice blend of indie rock with pop and electro twists, but there’s a couple of songs that stick out – No Bad News Tonight is quite upbeat and perfect to dance along to, with a nice guitar riff and catchy chorus, and the final song, Tiptoe, is a pared-down but heavy opus, and a tight way to round the album off.

If I had to describe this record in one word, it would be ‘competent’. Tucker’s on perfect form, belting out songs as distinctively as in her Sleater Kinney days, but therein lies the problem. This album just sounds like Sleater Kinney got a bit older and grew out of most of their angst, something that’s not necessarily a bad thing if you like Sleater Kinney, but it’s nothing really exciting or new. I don’t want to slag the album off, because I genuinely did enjoy it, but it didn’t make me feel passionate. A fair comparison could be made with Kathleen Hanna’s bands – Le Tigre weren’t just a Bikini Kill tribute band, they had their own style and their own sound, whereas Kill My Blues just doesn’t – but this could just be down to Tucker’s immediately recognisable voice. I’m really torn on where I stand on this album, every time I’ve listened to it I’ve liked it but it’s forgettable and just not as good as any other stuff Tucker has done.

In conclusion, if you like Sleater Kinney, buy this album, because you’ll definitely like it. If you’re not familiar with Sleater Kinney, buy their albums instead, and then buy this album.

All words and images by Natalie Dzerins. You can read more from Natalie on LTW here. Natalie also has her own website Forty Shades Of Grey which you can find here & she tweets as @TheNatFantastic.

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