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After joining the band in 1990 for their sixth album, The Good Son, Savage had been a key part of the ensemble and a key part of the band’s music and their gradual rise to ascendency.

The band have given a statement.


“Our beloved Conway passed away on Sunday evening. A member of Bad Seeds for nearly thirty years, Conway was the anarchic thread that ran through the band’s live performances. He was much loved by everyone, band members and fans like. Irascible, funny, terrifying, sentimental, warm-hearted, gentle, acerbic, honest, genuine – he was all of these things and quite literally “had the gift of a golden voice”, high and sweet and drenched in soul.

Nick Cave added: ” On a drunken night, at four in the morning, in a hotel bar in Cologne, Conway sat at the piano and sang Streets of Laredo to us, in his sweet, melancholy style and stopped the world for a moment. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Goodbye Conway, there isn’t a dry eye in the house. Love, Nick and the Bad Seeds.”



Savage was born on 27 July 1960 in rural Victoria, Australia. He started playing piano in his teens, in a pub run by his parents. From 1980-81 he performed with drummer Jim White in the band Happy Orphans. Before joining the Bad Seeds, Savage was also in the Feral Dinosaurs (also with White), Dust on the Bible and Dave Last and the Legendary Boy Kings.

After joining the Bad Seeds, Savage released a number of solo albums and collaborated with a number of predominantly Australian artists including the Go-Betweens’ Robert Forster.

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