The Brazen Youth

The Brazen Youth

Connecticut Trio The Brazen Youth Tease New EP with ‘I Don’t Wanna Take Too Much’

I Don’t Wanna Take Too Much is a rare track of glorious distinction. Avoiding all the eye-rolling trendy tropes of modern guitar-led music, inspired dark-folk trio The Brazen Youth tease the new chapter of their thus far short career, a new EP coming later this year.
“15 Billion Eyes” felt like a humbler approach to a record, and we think the title, “I Don’t Wanna Take Too Much”, speaks to that. In the studio, we stripped back, dropped the metronome, and pursued a live approach. We are each finding our own corners in the band, especially as instrumentalists. Time spent on the road has molded our individual styles and band dynamic — and for the first time, we’re seeing that manifest in a studio setting. 

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