Comrades, Thee Faction Needs You!

singing-down-coverThee Faction, Britain’s premiere Socialist R’n’B band, have released a new Video for the song ‘Sausage Machine’.

‘Sausage Machine’ – via the medium of brass and demoneyesd Wilko Johnson-esque riffs – reminds us all that there is a Class War on.

Thee Faction blasts the status quo (not the band, obviously) with singer / polemist Billy Brentford saying of the release ‘Art should be a hammer, not a mirror’.

‘Sausage Machine’ comes from the hugely successful 2012 album ‘Singing Down The Government’ – and as part of that continuing mission statement The Guild are ready to self-release their next album right away.

But to do so they need to raise funds – plan’s to sell access to guitarist Nylons were oddly less successful than the idea of selling lunch with Cameron. You can buy ‘Singing Down The Government’ for just ¬£7 here.

In 50 years time when your grandchild asks how you did your bit… remember the Sausage Machine.

¬†Thee Faction’s website can be found here. They’re also on Twitter and Facebook.



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  1. Have more and more leanings to the left.

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