Comanechi - You Owe Me Nothing But Love (2013)Comanechi – You Owe Me Nothing But Love (Tigertrap Records)
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Ferocious London three piece Comanechi release their second album just in time to ‘Lay Waste to Saint Valentine’. Adrian Bloxham has been listening to the album, read what he thinks about it below.

This album sounds drunk for a least half of the time. It lurches and wavers; it declares its love for you and then dumps you. It dances and screams at the top of its voice and it stays just on the edge of falling to pieces completely. It’s Comanechi’s second album and is released on Valentine’s Day to, in their words, ‘lay waste to Saint Valentine’. The band have expanded into a three piece, adding a drummer Charlie, and that a three piece could make a sound like this defies belief.

Charlie’s drums go from rudimentary and a basic beat to try to keeping this monster of noise grounded and whole. Keex and Simon add the guitars and bass that either scorch your eyebrows as they are fuzzed to hell or destroy your senses with a metal tinge. Keex uses her voice to sound childlike and innocent in some tracks and then switches to an emotive powerful force in others. She never really loses the completely desperate bonkers edge to the sound.

The tracks go from the basic beat and guitar of ‘Love is the Cure’ to the more considered grunge sound of ‘Dream of Dream’. The guitars echo the sound of classic Silverfish on ‘Patsy’ a huge mountain of a song and my favourite on the album. It also slams in Big Black slabs of sound with an insane stream of consciousness lyric. The music is almost metal and almost grunge but it transcends both to create a rampaging unstoppable monster that keeps you under its spell for over seven minutes; fantastic.

They use sadness and regret in ‘Into the Air’ with a military drum beat and slow bass making the song slip into despair. The vocal is delicate and clear with harmonies wooing behind. The rest of the album has one foot in punk, one foot in metal and all five tentacles in various states of noise. Not wishing to repeat myself but it is completely bonkers. It is an utter delight to get trampled underfoot by the sheer power on display here.

This record is unstoppable and undeniably brilliant. Not an album for relaxing in the bath quietly to, this one for is playing at earsplitting volume as you how at the moon from the rooftops while the neighbours break your door down.

The Comanechi website is here. They are also on Facebook and are on Twitter as @Comanechi.

All words by Adrian Bloxham. More work by Adrian on Louder Than War can be found here.



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