Colossloth: Anchored by Lungs – EP review


Anchored By Lungs EP (Peripheral records)


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Following the review of Colossloth at the recent Ovo Birmingham gig, Louder Than War’s Adrian Bloxham delved further into this atmospheric experimental noise artists catalogue. Here’s his review of Colossloth’s last digital EP

Colossloth is described as ‘experimental dark ambient doom electronics’, this collection of noise and cerebral sounds comes in three tracks and as people who have experienced his layers of noise and madness live will know, it’s not going to be easy listening in any sense of the word.

The music is quite delicate in places, just that the way the sounds are laid on top of each other creates a disturbing ambience. Which I’m sure is the point.

The first track, ‘Anchored By Lungs’ is like hearing all the factories in Hell start up together and standing on a black empty hillside watching their fires burn. It fades down to a tiny piano which would be pretty if it wasn’t for the disturbing feeling welling up underneath.


‘Welcome Home Mourning Voyeur’ starts very delicately and quietly with little metallic twitches but you can feel the animosity coming in from the edges way before the distorted bass drone cuts over it. Colossloth uses a snatches of beauty interspersed with the buzz and hum of industrial waste to give you the impression that it is being corrupted and overwhelmed; it leaves you with a feeling of lost hope.

‘Feint Hearted’ is laid back and drowsy but no less disturbing, the layers of sound create an edgy, quite bleak feel to the track.

Three tracks that bleed into your head and infuse into you. Colossloth has created a palate of sound to paint with, just don’t expect any pretty landscapes. An excellent EP that just builds on the live experience that Colossloth creates. Well worth a listen.


Colossloth’s bandcamp page is here, they can also be found on Facebook.

All words by Adrian Bloxham, his author archive can be found here.

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