Colin Mcquillan from punk band Runnin Riot RIP


We are shocked to hear that  Colin Mcquillan  of Belfast based skin/street punk band has died at the age of 45 in the middle of the band’s current UK tour where they were supporting Lars Frederksen’s Old Firm Casuals.


The UK punk community is in shock at the loss of a much loved figure.

Condolences to their facebook page.



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  1. Instead of using the toilet I have been drinkin scrumpy and pissin in the back yard drain tonight all because I only heard from an old mate that our old mucker Quolly as we knew him (Colly McQuilly … combined and shortened) has died. I hadn’t seen him in 23 married and settled years but from 1986 to 1991 we had some great times discovering the world together. Colly as I called him loved music and scooters but especially punk and in 86 when pop was going all soft and 5 Star we found common ground with the pogues (probably one of the best true punk bands at that time) Colly got us tickets for “the picnic in the park 1987” headlined by the pogues and off we went but my best memory was hoisting Colly onto my shoulders and pogoing to the front of a pogues gig at Queens Belfast, he had donned a big pair of sticky out plastic ears and was shouting like fuck at Shane Magowan who saw us and just snarled mid song and gave us the fingers, classic Colly. I have a scar on my hip (which looks like a hicky) that I got 24 years ago when I fell after staggering homeward after a new years eve binge with just me and Colly and I fell over blitzed, he was away home to Belvoir in a taxi and I lived on the other side of town, I hadn’t looked sideways at that scar for over 20 years but showed it to a friend in a bar a few weeks ago, I wonder if Colly was promting me .. He wont be allowed into heaven even with his good heart and Hell could not put up with his antics when he starts so I assume there is a place for headers like him. I didn’t think I’d miss my auld mate but now he is gone and I do.


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