Coldplay to release a graphic novel

Coldplay have announced plans to release a comic book accompaniment to their multi-million selling album Mylo Xyloto. Call me cynical, but I can’t recall the band ever expressing a love for comic books, and reading more about this project it seems to be a scaled down version of an attempt at an animated movie, somewhat akin to Yellow Submarine.

But written by Oscar nominated Kung Fu Panda director Mark Osborne and boasting very impressive looking artwork from Alejandro Fuentes I’ll reserve judgement till reading the full book.

Musicians and comic books coming together is not a new idea, and Coldplay are not the only band to be dipping their quill into the ink pool at the moment.

Here Louder Than War take a quick look at a few other music inspired comic books currently available.

Kiss – Dressed To Kill

Coldplay to release a graphic novel

Kiss have had many incarnations in the comic field dating back to 1977 when the first issue of their comic was actually printed using some of the band’s own blood.

The latest comic published by IDW last month should still be available on the shelves of your local comic book store, with issue 2 of the six part story due out later in July.

It’s a pretty lamentable affair from the kings of cash-in with a particularly cartoonish feel.

If you’re a Kiss diehard you might enjoy reading about the band fighting corny demons, while sticking out their unfeasibly long tongues, but there’s little here for the casual reader. Consider yourself warned.

Graphic Elvis

Elvis was a fan of comics, so he can get away with this (albeit posthumously) .

Published earlier this year Graphic Elvis is an illustrated homage. The book features a collection of work by some of today”s top comic book talent, who have been inspired by Elvis.

You can view a taster of the book by way of an absolutely fabulous story by comics legend Stan Lee here, where Elvis reaches the pearly gates, and discovers if he makes the final cut.

Copies of this Stan Lee taster story can still be picked up on Ebay for a couple of pounds or if you feel flush you can buy a copy of the full book here.

Coldplay to release a graphic novelTales from The Wedding Present

David Gedge is another established comic book fan. Tales from The Wedding Present issue one is available to buy via the bands website, with issue 2 coming soon.

Gedge’s long-time former bass player, Terry de Castro, teamed up with cartoonist Lee Thacker (also responsible for another Wedding Present book ”ËœSnapshots’) to create a surreal hotchpotch of on-the-road tales.

If the band aren’t being menaced by furtive hotel critters, they might be getting pulled over by the Nebraska State Police. Another one for the fans, but with broader appeal and more merit than Kiss.

All words by Peter Climie. You can read more from Peter on LTW here.

Reviews Editor Sarah Lay takes a look at the best of the rest of the musically inspired graphic novels, comics and cartoons out there.

Put the Book Back on the Shelf – Belle and Sebastian

An independent group of comic creators and cartoonists put together Put the Book Back on the Shelf – a collection of tales taking inspiration from the songs of indiepop darlings Belle and Sebastian.


For years the legendary venue was renowned for breaking acts including the Ramones, Blondie, Talking Heads and the Misfits so this comic brings that into story form with tales of love, heartbreak, confusion and rebellion!

I See A Darkness – Johnny Cash

The graphic biography of country singer Johnny Cash depicts Johnny his eventful life from his early sessions with Elvis, through the concert in Folsom Prison, his spectacular comeback and the final years before his death. Renowned graphic novelist Reinhard Kleist authors this complex true story providing a compelling read for comic and music fans alike.

This is a Souvenir – Songs of Spearmint and Shirley Lee

In the same vein as the Belle and Sebastian collection this comic is from a collection of cartoonists who have taken inspiration from indie pop band Spearmint and Shirley Lee.


An honourary mention for Gorillaz – the musical and visual art project from the minds of artist Jamie Hewlett (who also responsible for Tank Girl) and Blur‘s Damon Albarn.

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