New Band of the Day: Colaars

Colaars: Wood Arsenal (Self Released)
Out Now

Brilliant pop-punk band Colaars hail from The Ukraine, not exactly a country with a reputation as a hotbed for hip n happening new bands. However a buzz is definitely building behind these guys in the blogosphere & we thought it about time we introduced you to them via their recently released free to download ep Wood Arsenal. Chris Hearn is our man doing the honours.

Having a Ukrainian grandmother and growing up eating perogies by the fistful, I obviously have a lot of insight to add to this release by Ukrainian indie / pop / punk / dance band. Wait, no, that doesn’t even make sense. Forget I said that. What I can say is that this Ukrainian import is a mighty fine short but sweet offering. The Ukrainian accent on the English lyrics adds a bit of an exotic flair to music that isn’t overly ground breaking, but is done exceptionally well.

Colaars is Dmitry Tkach on vocals and guitar, Ivan Medelyan on guitar and backing vocals, Chuk on bass and Evgeniy Vinogradsky on drums. They hail from Kyiv, Ukraine, and based on a simple internet search they appear to have grabbed the attention of indie blogs galore and thus far everyone seems to like them – and for good reason as far as I can tell. Unfortunately though no one actually seems to know much about them, something that goes for me too; I just haven’t been able to find much else about them.

New Band of the Day: Colaars

Having said that of course, I guess the music speaks for itself. Judging by videos and pics, they seem like a young band. I don’t know what their past experiences are & to be honest I’m pretty much clued out when it comes to the Ukrainian music scene as a whole, but this band has me intrigued as to what else maybe going on there.

“Wood Arsenal” is a very slickly produced, very nicely done, very appealing album. It’s dance music for those who don’t do a lot of dancing, but rather like to bob their heads and think about the fun they are having. At least that’s what I do when I hear this kind of music. Ya, it has some good rhythms and beats, and if I were someone who danced, I might do so to this. But I don’t dance. Some might use some kind of a “math rock” description for these guys, a sub-genre title I never have understood but it always seems to be applied to bands like this.

If you listen to bands like Funeral Party, The Faints, LCD Soundsystem or Friendly Fires, then this is a good band to check out as well. All sounds are made with guitars and drums, no synthesizers at least as far as I can tell. The guitar still isn’t dead in this synth laden world ”“ good to see! All in all, good stuff. I think a trip to the Ukraine is now in order to see what else is happening there.

If you haven’t got a passport, you can always download “Wood Arsenal” from Colaars’ bandcamp page for the grand total of zero dollars/pounds. Help support these guys though by paying what you can, okay? Dyakuyu!

All words by Chris Hearn. You can read more from Chris on LTW here.

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