Cockney Rejects: Ashton – live reviewCockney Rejects
Ashton Witchwood
Nov 2013

Perhaps the classic Oi/second wave of punk band and one of the great lost British rock n roll groups- the Cockney Rejects retain a big international street following but shoulda coulda been one of the biggest British rock n roll bands- ask Morrissey or the Stone Roses or one of the thousands of international punk bands who followed in their wake. Currently on a sell out tour the band’s fire has not been dimmed as Richie Rocker reports…

First of all apologies to the support band who I missed due to the pub next door doing a fine selection of real ales. I love this venue and the chance of seeing the Rejects there was just too good to pass up.

Anyone who saw their set at Rebellion will tell you that this band are firing on all cylinders right now. They hit the stage tonight with ‘you’re country needs you’ off the last album ‘East End Babylon’- a song about how our soldiers are sent out to pointless wars and the scumbag politicians who try to justify it.

Classic followed classic, ‘Bad Man’, ‘I’m Not A Fool’, ‘Join The Rejects’ and, for me, their finest hour ‘Power and the Glory’ played with a passion and belief that bands half their age can only dream of.

Frontman Jeff Turner shadow boxes round the stage all through the set- I would kill for half your energy mate- whilst guitarist Mick Geggus, who was once described as ‘the son of Steve Jones’- which is a great comparison, but he goes beyond that now. He is a great guitar player in his own right and has his own style.

The rhythm section of Tony and Laney nail down every song, this is real punk rock from a real punk band. They finish with the classic ‘Oi Oi Oi’ and I’m left to wonder what’s next from this band. They have had a great year with the film being released, and I would urge anyone who hasn’t to get it on DVD. It’s a superb watch and a wonderful story of how, if you hang onto your dreams, one day they may just come true.

They have for the Cockney Rejects and I can’t think of a band more deserving.

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