Video thumbnail for youtube video Stone Roses Asiaworld: Hong Kong - live reviewThe Stone Roses headline slot at the Coachella music festival in the USA is causing some confusion amongst some American music fans who have taken to twitter. Many of them are scratching their heads and have took to Twitter to ask who The Stone Roses are, leading to the creation of a Tumblr blog, called Who Are The Stone Roses?, which has collated a number of the confused tweets from American fans of the festival.

The Stone Roses were never more than a big cult band in the USA and their highest chart position was 45 for the Second Coming album. To be fair fellow headliners, Blur never made much impact on America either and it’s only oasis from the whole of the Britpop generation that broke though to any extent with bands like Blur and the Manic Street Preachers being little more than club bands in the USA.

The Stone Roses toured America once before they imploded playing fair sized venues and never really hung around long enough to do the leg work necessary to get known in the USA. Coachella Festival does take risks with its headliners and is known for getting cult band to reform and having interesting billings, for example Nick Cave’s Grinderman are third on the bill at the fest

In the meantime, many fans of music are asking what is Coachella Festival…

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  1. Myself and my (American, Britpop-loving) wife were just joking about this.

    We think the equivalent would be Michael Eavis suddenly announced Dave Matthews Band as Glasto headliner.

    Either way, the Coachella fans are going to discover the 1989 album fresh. Lucky them!

  2. They’ll have Spotify educate them on what is sure to be many people’s new favorite album. Hope they hit other major markets/festivals.


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